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Perforated Silicone Foam Pad

Closed Cell Silicone Foam Sponge Sheet (Hardness 5-10/15-21/27-33 Shore A)

Closed Cell Silicone Foam Sponge Sheet (Hardness 5-10/15-21/27-33 Shore A)


Silicone rubber press pads do not harden with use. Therefore the optimum ironing effect remains throughout the life of the pad. This can be five years or longer if the following instructions are observed:


Avoid overheating — Avoid temperatures in excess of 180°C (356°F) when working with steam. Dry heat is acceptable to 200°C (392°F) and can exceed 200°C (392°F) for short periods of time.

Avoid mechanical damage — Inserting needle, undue stretching and attaching fastening devices, e.g., tension springs, will shorten the service life.

Red 10mm padding — Designed as the ultimate underpad to be placed directly on the buck of permanent press machines.

Ivory 6mm padding — Designed as the ultimate underpad to be placed directly on the buck of pressing machines for basic pressing operations.

Always place dimple side down.

Select the appropriate ironing pressure — Silicone press pads, made from special silicone rubber, are highly resilient.

Readjustment of the ironing pressure is not necessary once the appropriate pressure has been selected. To set the pressure lay a cloth on the prepared ironing surface. The adjustment is correct if the cloth can be withdrawn evenly when the machine is in the closed position. Avoid uneven distribution of pressure as this leads to one-sided stressing of the pad.



1. Character:


Long life-span


Good flexibility



2. Color: Red/White/Beige/Yellow/Blue/Gray/Orange


3. Size:


Standard size: 1.8m*0.9m*10mm 

Three models:

5°-10° Shore A (soft)

15°-21° Shore A (medium)

27°-33° Shore A (hard)


4. Purpose: used on ironing table and pressing machine


5. We are professional manufacturer in this field and we supply many kinds of silicone foam and silicone rubber pad according to our customers' requests.


6. FREE SAMPLE CARD is available.

Minimum Order: 10 pieces


7: Many Colors Available

Technical Specification:


Technical Data Sheet


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