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PET Protective Film

PU Adhesive Protective Film
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Anti Static PU Adhesive PET Protective Film


Product Introduction:


Coated by imported slightly viscous automatic adsorption polyurethane glue, this protective film is made from PU glue. The peel strength is stable and the products have good row bubble function. There is no small molecular pollution and material penetration phenomenon. The products can be usually used as the ideal products for the process manufacturing process and shipping protection.


Product Application:


*   They can be used for the protection of panel, glass lens, touch screen module, FPC, ITO film process and shipping.

*   They can be used for the protection of mobile phone shiny plastic shell, electronic products display, digital cameras and PDA panel.

*   They can be used for the surface protection of the PET hardened film, PMMA and PC Polaroid.


Product Properties:


*   The products have excellent appearance, and they are produced in the clean room whose level is not more than 1000 grade.

*   The products are low stripping, with automatic absorption and exhaust function.

*   The products are characterized bending resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance.

*   There is no cutting when crosscutting. The products have characterized of ultra-low viscosity and the basic adsorption property has no change.

*   The products are residual glue after gluing, traceless, no migration. They can be especially suitable for the protection of glass lenses and capacitive screen module.

*   The antistatic surface resistance is 10e6-9ohm, The triboelectric voltage is not more than 100V. The static dissipation is not more than 0.8s.


Product Constitution:


Product Range:



Substrate thickness

Mold release film thickness

Peel strength

Surface impedance

Adhesive surface impedance

Friction voltage

Static dissipation

Product specifications


























Technical Specification:


Technical Data Sheet

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