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Silicone Rubber Membrane

Deer Hunter – Asia's leading supplier for speciality silicone rubber sheets for solar panel manufacture in the renewable energy market.

High Temperature Silicone Rubber Membrane For Solar Module Laminator


Although also called diaphragms, sheets, or membranes, the solar panel industry tends to use the term membrane.


Technical Specification:


Technical Data Sheet
- The 5th Generation



Technical Data Sheet
- The 2nd Generation


In direct response to the particular needs of the solar industry, Deer Hunter developed the 2nd Generation Silicone Diaphragm. Our grey, durometer 55 silicone also remains a popular option for many solar panel manufacturers.

Specifically designed to resist the deterioration caused by EVA-outgassing, the Fifth Generation is used around the world by the leading producers of both thin-film and crystalline solar panels.

Building on their success, WE continue to research and develop products specific to the various industries they serve.

Product descriptions and advantages

• Both sides gray color and silicone materials

• Bond of the two layers cannot be separated mechanically 
• High temperature aramid fabric inserted in the middle
• Constant quality thanks to quality management 
• Durability results in longer machine running times and thus shorter set-up times

Standard dimensions

Width:                                    Max up to 3800mm
Material thickness:                 4 mm 
Fabrication even beyond the standard width

Our Main Partners


Area of application - Solar PV Laminating Machine


Technical Specifications:


The Fifth Generation

The Second Generation



Backing material(buffering surface)
- Silicone - gray

Silicone - gray

Covering layer (eva resistant working surface)
- Special layer - Fluorine rubber - black

Thickness, mm:



Thickness tolerance, mm:



Width, mm:

Max up to 3800 seamless

Max up to 3800 seamless

Length, m:



Density, g/cm3:

1,95 ± 0,05 (working surface)

1,25 ± 0,05

1,25 ± 0,05 (buffering surface)

Working temperature, °C:

-60 ~ +250

-60 ~ +250

Tensile strength, Mpa:



Hardness, Shore A:

76 ± 2 (working surface)

70 ± 2

62 ± 2 (buffering surface)


200% (working surface)


750% (buffering surface)

Tear strength, N/mm :










Aramid fabric inserted

Aramid fabric inserted

Resist to EVA:



Normal Using Life:

> 7000 cycles

> 4000 cycles


If you are intrerested in our products, please do not hesitate to conatct us.

Dimensions Avaialbe As Follows: 

Fabrication even beyond the standard size

Membrane FAQs

What’s the best diaphragm for our application?

This is a big question and really best discussed together on the phone. Determining factors would include your type of encapsulant, composition of the modules, size of the modules, and type of laminator.

How long should a diaphragm last?

This also depends on your encapsulant and type of module. Give us a call to talk about your product and processes to determine what you should be getting from your diaphragm.

What can we do to extend the life of our diaphragm?

Consider protecting it with a layer of PTFE sheet between the modules and the diaphragm. We have several options for this. And if you’re encapsulating with EVA, we should discuss the fifth generation Fluorosilicone membrane that is resistant to the outgassing from the EVA. The Fifth Generation option may give you far better life than your current diaphragm.

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Premium Specification Protective Films Series

We also supply a range of premium specification protective films, Please follow the links below for our most common types.

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