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Order Rubber and Plastic Samples

We understand that it may be one thing to see a product on our website or hear about its features over the phone with a specialist, but nothing can quite compare to the experience of seeing and holding a sample of rubber in your hands. Deer Hunter offers to send samples of rubber & plastic products out to potential customers free of charge. We make samples of our silicone sheets available, but those sample shipments come with a shipping charge due to the larger nature of the silicone sample. All we request from our customers is a mailing address and the specific materials that they wish samples of. Once a sample order is placed, it is shipped out within 24 hours.

Please note that particular gauges and sizes cannot be requested. Material samples are simply a means to convey the general characteristics and material composition of the product-line. Limit 2 samples per customer. Samples are for the worldwide market. All samples are shipped via DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex. Depending on your physical location expect a 5-7 day delivery time.

We encourage you to ask for samples. They can help tremendously when you are browsing through our vast inventory of rubber products. Contact us today so we can get your sample mailed to you immediately!

Samples Department:
Contact:                   Mr Hunter
Mobile:                     +86-13823789007 (whatsapp and wechat)
Email:                       cndeerhunter@cndeerhunter.com


Any questions, please feel free to contact us at email sales@cndeerhunter.com or +86-13823789007

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Mobile:+86-13823789007    Email:sales@cndeerhunter.com