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Latex Rubber Sheet

Natural Latex Rubber Sheet

Latex rubber Sheet is the purest form of rubber. It has a smooth finish on both sides, high tensile strength and elasticity. It is commonly used for bakery release films, diaphragms, seals gaskets and vacuum blankets.



Colors: Black, natural, white, blue, red, etc.
Roll Width (mtrs): Up to 0.75as standard. 
Thickness (mm): 0.2 up to 1.5
Grades: Standard

Standard Grade Latex Rubber Sheet

Temperature: Up to +80°C


Applications: Vacuum blankets for composite mouldings, bonding laminated structures, laminated fabrics and veneers to complex shape structures, bakery release film, cut diaphragms, seals and gaskets.

High natural rubber content 98% gives this sheeting exceptional abrasion resistance, cut/tear resistance and resiliency. Very good sound and vibration dampening qualities.

  • Tank and pipe lining
  • Conveyor Belt Cover
  • Shot Blast Tables
  • Impact Pads
  • Vibration feeder pans
  • Conveyors

Technical Specification: 



Material Safety Data Sheet



Natural rubber plus essential commercial curatives, antioxidants and pigments.


Health Hazards

Natural latex rubber sheet is generally considered non-hazardous. However, the product is manufactured from natural latex and latex products may cause an allergic reaction to some people. Persons who know they are susceptible to an allergic reaction from latex products should avoid contact with natural latex rubber sheet.

Fire Hazard

Sheet should be protected during handling and storage from naked flames as rubber is flammable. In storage areas it is advisable to observe no smoking restrictions.

Storage and Use

Temperature:          Store below 26°C and away from heaters.
Humidity:                  Avoid damp storage conditions.
Light:                         Protect from prolonged exposure to light, in particular bright sunlight and strong U.V. light which will 
                                     degrade light coloured sheets.
Metals:                      Avoid contact with copper and copper containing alloys which will stain light coloured sheets brown.
Oils and Solvents:  Avoid contact with oils, solvents and greases which will destroy natural rubber.




Q: What thicknesses of latex film are available?
Standard gauges are listed below. Custom gauges for our latex film are available upon special order.
0.008” (0.20mm)
0.010” (0.25mm)
0.012” (0.31mm)
0.014” (0.35mm)
0.020” (0.51mm)
0.025” (0.64mm)
0.030” (0.76mm)
0.040” (1.01mm)
Q: What lengths of latex film are available?
Lengths of our latex film vary depending on the thickness.  Standard lengths are 20 to 50 yard (18.28m to 45.72m) rolls.   Lengths tailored to your unique specifications are available.
Q: What latex film widths are available?
The standard width of latex film is 30” (0.75m).  Custom widths are available upon request.
Q: What colors of latex film are available?
Virtually any color latex film can be manufactured on a custom order basis.  We can even custom color match to your sample or PMS number.
Q: Is latex film powder free?
No.  It is necessary to apply some sort of release agent during the manufacturing process.
Q: Are there alternatives to the types of powder applied to the latex film?
Yes.  Please contact us to discuss alternatives.
Q: Can I have latex film made to a unique thickness?


Q: Is your latex film FDA approved?

The FDA does not “approve” formulations or component type products.  Many of our products are listed with the FDA and have successfully been tested for use in medical applications. Please contact us for additional information.

Technical Specification:


Technical Data Sheet
- Latex Rubber Sheet


Technical Data Sheet
- Liquid Latex MSDS

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